Our Mission

Cut Fresh, Cook Clean, Live Long.

We believe that there are 3 keys which are essential to a long, healthy, and happy life:

  • 1. Eating real, natural, and unprocessed food

  • 2. Using non-toxic, health-boosting kitchen tools

  • 3. Being part of a community that helps you live better

We help you achieve all three and more.

The Problem

Over the past century, people have become lazy. This has given rise to a shift in the Western diet towards more processed and packaged foods. It has also led to the invention of easier cooking tools like stainless steel knives and non-stick pans.

While ready-to-eat meals and easy-to-cook utensils are convenient, they can have catastrophic effects on your health. As a result, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have now become the leading causes of death worldwide.

With healthcare expenses rising and diseases at all-time highs, it is high time that we come back to our basics - to a way of life that is natural.

The Solution

Okinawa in Japan is said to be the place on Earth with the biggest chance of someone becoming a centenarian - a person living to or beyond the age of 100.

It is one of only 5 places in the world that are called “Blue Zones” - regions that have the highest concentration of the healthiest and longest-living people in the world.

Through various studies and interviews, it has been found that the inhabitants living in all of these five Blue Zones have two things in common:

A healthy, mostly plant-based diet & an active lifestyle driven by community.

Where We Fit In

What we eat is only half the story. While Okinawa may be your solution to processed foods, Ken Fuyuki might just be your solution to toxic utensils.

Forged from high-carbon steel using ancient smithing techniques, our handmade kitchen knives are non-toxic and have health benefits beyond any other utensil you have ever used.

We believe that better health starts with the most important tool in any kitchen - a kitchen knife. And using Ken Fuyuki knives is the healthiest choice you can make as far as kitchenware is concerned.

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Our carbon steel knives are free of Chromium - a toxic chemical that can leach into your food and is found in all stainless steel knives. Chromium has been classified as a carcinogen and might increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.

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Our special high-carbon steel undergoes controlled oxidation during use, enriching your food with iron. This boosts your immune system, raises energy levels and focus, improves gastrointestinal processes, and helps fight iron deficiency - especially in pregnant women, children, and vegans!

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Handmade to Perfection

Each of our knives is forged by hand and heat-treated using traditional smithing techniques passed down through generations. This makes the rigidity of our knives as high as HRC60 and gives them better wear resistance, toughness, and edge retention.

In addition, the physical density and durability of our knives are greatly enhanced by the repeated hammering performed by experienced blacksmiths.

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  • Eco-friendly

    Unlike stainless steel knives, we use 0% chromium. Chromium is a significant environmental threat to our natural resources, especially water and soil.

  • Produced Responsibly

    We make your knives only after we receive your order. That helps us sell through 100% of our products compared to only a 65% sell-through rate for the rest of the industry.

  • Made Ethically

    100% of the workshops where we make our knives are committed to a high degree of environmental responsibility and ethical conduct towards our artisans.

  • Restores Forever

    Our unique carbon steel and hand-making approach allow our knives to be restored over and over. This means less waste, and less energy used to produce or recycle.

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A Community to Support You

Along with our knives, we are also building a revolutionary online community of health and life enthusiasts called "Healthy Knife". Here, we share and discuss strategies, tips, and well-researched guidance to help you take control of your health.

From people who have been suffering from chronic illnesses to those struggling with weight their whole lives, our community has helped people from all walks of life to live better and longer.

We Are Now 500,000+ Strong!

Our growing community has already surpassed 500k+ followers and has garnered more than 30 million views across Tiktok and Instagram.

Through emails and direct messages on our social media accounts, we have personally helped more than 10,000 people solve their health-related queries, create healthy diet plans, and reach their fitness goals. Join us today to get started with your health journey.

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Our True Mission

By guiding you to prepare healthy meals and providing healthy kitchenware required to do so, we are trying to build the world’s first "Blue Zone Corporation" - a brand focused on helping people achieve longevity.

To start with, we have a decent goal of helping at least 10 people around the world reach the astonishing age of 100. In our pursuit of achieving that, we are sure to help thousands of others reach ages that they have never imagined and save millions of dollars in healthcare costs. That’s our true mission!

See you at 100!

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food”

- Hippocrates

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