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We, at Ken Fuyuki, make high-quality chef's knives designed in Japan and handmade in centuries-old family workshops in Yangjiang, China - a place renowned for its knife-making tradition dating back to over 1400 years.


Knives for a Healthy You.

Our knives are free of toxic chemicals like chromium, which can leach into your food and cause chronic diseases like cancer. Our special carbon steel also enriches your food with iron, which boosts your immune system, raises energy levels, improves gastrointestinal processes, and helps fight iron deficiency.


Handmade to Perfection.

Each of our knives is hand-forged from high carbon steel and heat-treated using traditional smithing techniques passed down through generations. This makes the hardness of our knives as high as HRC60 and gives them better wear resistance, toughness, and edge retention.

Cut Fresh, Cook Clean, Live Long.

Over the past century, people have become lazy. This has given rise to a shift in the West towards ready-to-eat meals and easy-to-cook utensils. While convenient, they can have catastrophic effects on your health. By guiding you to prepare fresh and healthy meals, and providing non-toxic, health-boosting kitchenware required to do so, we are trying to help you live better and longer.

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