8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife
8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife
8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife
8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife
8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife

8-inch Japanese Sujihiki Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rated 5/5 by Rodney Jones, Customer - "This knife is extremely agile and efficient. Surprises me each time I use it"


A long, slender blade with a pointed tip and thin cross-section, this 8" Japanese Sujihiki Hand-forged Damascus Carving and Slicing Knife is designed to carve and slice large turkey, big roasts, barbecued brisket, ham, whole poultry, and whole salmon cleanly and evenly with a single horizontal stroke. This meat carving knife is especially ideal for large bone-in cuts and roasts like a leg of lamb, prime rib, or ham. The sharp pointed tip can help you easily maneuver and get into joints and cartilage or work around bones as you are cutting the meat into serving slices.

The combination of a long blade length, shallow height, and sharp edge coupled with a well-balanced weight distribution help in filleting fish, carving turkey, slicing brisket, and skinning or trimming meat swiftly and elegantly. It results in very little cellular damage to the meat surface, thereby preserving the original texture and flavor of the meat. The thinner cross-section of this meat slicing knife enables you to make extremely thin and fine slices.

Hand-forged by artisans from traditional 67 layered VG-10 Damascus steel rated at HRC 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale, this authentic Japanese Sujihiki knife features an imported Bubinga wood handle. Being a multipurpose Damascus blade, this turkey carving knife can also be used to effortlessly slice through large fruits and vegetables such as melons, squash, and for pumpkin carving. You can also portion huge bread and cakes with it.

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